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Hemet Defective Products AttorneyIt’s Friday evening and you stopped by a store to get a new lawnmower as the one you had been using is no longer working. The next morning, you take the mower out into the yard and start it with the intent of tidying up your lawn. As you start the mower, it jumps forward by about a mile and hits your son who was playing in the yard about a mile away, and pushes him into the glass wall of your house. He is treated for multiple lacerations and broken bones and the medical bills are sky-high. In addition to this, you lost a lot of income since you could not go to work while your son was in the hospital. Now, he has been discharged, but he needs physiotherapy and specialized care at home and you are just tired of the mounting bills. If you have a similar story, reach out to our Hemet defective products lawyer.

What Should You Do?

Reach out to the law firm of Banner Attorneys to speak with a Hemet defective products lawyer. With over 15 years of experience in getting compensation for our clients in their personal injury lawsuits, we can get you the compensation you deserve for the injuries your son suffered and everything you had to deal with as a result.

Types of Defects For Defective Products

There are three major types of defects that defective products have. They are manufacturing defects, design defects, and labeling defects (failure to warn).

Manufacturing Defects

When a product has a manufacturing defect, it means that there was an error in the production line of the product. Take that lawnmower scenario, for example. The jumping forward of the mower could have been a result of an error in the assembly of the mower.

In this type of defect, you can hold the manufacturer of the mower responsible based on the theory of strict liability.

This theory provides that the manufacturer can be held liable for any defects that occur as a result of faulty construction, regardless of whether adequate care was taken during the manufacture of the product.

What we will do for you when you hire us is to prove that the defect was present in the product at the time it left the factory. In a worst case scenario, we also handle wrongful death, although we hope your case doesn’t take that turn.

Design Defects

A design defect in a product is a flaw in the original design of the said product. The flaw will make the product to be unreasonably dangerous and a hazard for people that will use it. In proving liability for this type of defect, we will establish the presence of three elements:

  • The product’s design was unreasonably dangerous prior to production.
  • The manufacturer should have anticipated that the design of the product will harm potential users.
  • The manufacturer could have used other more superior designs that would have been economically feasible and won’t alter the purpose of the product.

Labeling Defects (Failure to Warn)

If a product’s labeling failed to warn potential users of potential risks, then everyone in the chain of distribution of the product may be held liable for any injuries arising from using the product.

According to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), labels on products must be easy to read, offer a more detailed explanation, and illustrate any safety risks with pictures.

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