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Hemet Car Accident AttorneyNot only is being in a car accident a highly unpleasant occurrence, but it also comes with lots of questions that you may feel hard-pressed to answer. Here are some questions you can ask our Hemet personal injury attorney. Was I at fault? How was I at fault? How do I come out of the situation relatively unscathed? Oh, I was injured in a car accident! How do I sort out my medical bills? My injuries will prevent me from working. Won’t I lose my job? How do I take care of my family? Oh! My car is totaled! Who’s going to pay for the repairs? Will I have to get another one? How am I going to pay for that?

All these and more are the questions that would probably be running through your mind as you come out of your damaged car. Retaining the services of an experienced Hemet car accident lawyer is the first step towards sorting out the morass of questions that your mind probably has.

Our Hemet car accident lawyers are trusted in the Inland Empire community to help people to deal with the aftermath of car accidents. We have had almost 20 years of experience with getting clients the compensation they deserve when they are in car accidents.

Whether they were at fault or the other driver was at fault, we have handled the cases in ways that have returned satisfactory results to our clients. What’s more? When you schedule a consultation with us, the initial one is free and non-obligatory. So you don’t have to worry about us feeling bad if you choose not to work with us. We, however, advise you to pitch your tent with us. Our track record gives testament to our effectiveness at getting highly satisfactory results for our clients.

As if that’s not enough, we also serve on a contingency basis. This means that you do not have to pay us a dime unless we win your case for you. Every expense we incur while pursuing your case will be borne by our firm until we win the case.

It is only then that you will have to reimburse us. If we don’t win the case, then you have lost nothing – this is even better than a Money-Back Guarantee.

Reach out to us today at (909) 681-1622 to speak with our attorney about your Hemet car accident.

How we can help you after your Hemet car accident

One major way we can help you after your car accident is by interfacing with auto insurance providers. Let’s face it – there is no way you won’t need to tangle with them. Either it is with your insurance provider, or the at-fault driver’s own, or the insurance provider for the both of you, you will have to deal with them. Now, insurance providers are some of the smartest people in the world.

They make it their business to think up ways in which they can get out of paying legitimate claims. If they find that they can’t get out of paying, they look for ways to pay as little as possible.

Unfortunately for them and quite fortunately for you, we are smarter – way smarter than them. Our smarts come from one major thing: Attorney Banner has dealt with them extensively.
He has dealt with them as a claimant in a car accident injury and as a representative for many victims of car accidents.

Why Trust Our Hemet Car Accident Lawyer

Brian Banner knows everything there is to know about dealing with insurance providers and he knows how to handle them. From filing your claim for you to ensuring that your claim is not denied or undervalued, to making sure that you get EVERY compensation that is yours, he will do everything for you.

All you just need to do is reach out to us at (909)-681-1622, provide the details of your case and leave the rest to us. You can rest with the assurance that in about 93 days, your case will be resolved – and satisfactorily too. We will be in touch with you with constant updates so that you are not left in the dark about how things are progressing.